Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Most Magnificent Creature Tutorial

This tutorial was written using Ziggyfan's PTU Midnight Blue Scrap Kit.  From this scrap kit you will need:

Paper 9
Elements 2, 3, 17, 20, 30, 35, and 40. 

Materials (image and mask) here.  I apologize but I do not remember where I got the mask from so if you know, please let me know so I can credit.  Also the image came from the WWW.

Open all files onto your workspace and duplicate closing originals.

Set you background layer to #78541a.

Now let's get started.

Open an 800x800 transparent layer.

Copy element 20 (the frame) and paste as new layer.  You can now close the frame.

Using your Magic Wand click inside of frame.

Copy the Tiger image and close.

Paste image as a new layer and position so that the head of the tiger is inside the selected area.  Select Invert and Cut. Keep selected.

Add a new layer and Select Invert again. Effects/3D Effects/Cutout with vertical & horizontal 0, opacity 70, blur 16, shadow color black, and fill transparent. Select none.

Move frame to top layer and add a Drop Shadow with vertical and horizontal 2, opacity, 60, blur 8, shadow on new layer unchecked.

Merge visible.

Resize 80% with resize all layers unchecked.

New raster layer and move to bottom.

Select all.

Copy paper 9 and close.  Paste into selection and select none.

Load mask 179, source luminance checked, fit to canvas checked, hide all mask checked. Merge group.

New raster later and move to botom. Flood fill with background color #78541a.  Add Noise settings gaussian 10 monochrome selected.  Seamless Tile with default settings (in case you want to use this as a stationary header).

Activate your top layer.

Open Element 3 (the curly ribbon) and resize 80%. Hue/Saturation Colorize using Hue 25 and Saturation 165.  
Copy and close original. Paste as a new layer, Free rotate left 25% and move to the bottom of the frame. 
Duplicate layer and mirror.

Copy element 2 (the stem and leaves) and close original. Paste onto workspace as a new layer and move to the bottom right part of the frame.

Open element 17 (the butterfly) reduce by 70%. Colorize using the previous settings. Copy and close out original. Paste as a new layer and move to upper left corner and under framed image.

Open element 35 (the tag) and resize by 80%.  Colorize using the same settings.  Copy and close original.  Paste as a new layer and move the middle right of the frame.

Open element 40 (the flower) and resize by 80%.  Copy and close original.  Paste as a new layer.  Move to top right of the frame over the tag.

Open element 30 (the ribbon) and resize by 80%.  Colorize using same settings.  Copy and close original.  Paste as a new layer and move to the top middle of the frame.

Move the layer with element 2 (the stem and leaves) above the tag layer.

Add text to the tag.

These are the layers reading from top:

element 40 (the flower)
element 30 (the ribbon)
element 2 (the stem and leaves) 
element 35 (the tag)
mirror of element 3 (the curly ribbon)
element 3 (the curly ribbon)
frame with image
element 17 (the butterfly)
masked paper 9

Add a drop shadow to all layers but the frame using the same settings as before.

Last but not least add your watermark.

Thanks to Ziggyfan for the wonderful Scrap Kit.  

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